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The E Service Mall is a place where customers can purchase an arrays of online services like  Business Coaching,Business Services,Career Coaching, Career Development, Consultation ,  Corporate Development,Human Resource Service,Mentoring, Personal Development,Professional Development,Social Media Management.

Business Coaching 


It doesn’t matter which field of business you are in there is always going to be the opportunity to improve. Important CEO’s of some of the world’s most successful businesses have their own personal business coaches who help, guide and mentor them towards ensuring that their business not only remains successful but keeps on growing.


Coaching, whether it is for sport, business or life retains the same principals for everything. Your business coach is working to motivate and push you towards not only achieving your goals and desires but also helping you to achieve the results that you didn’t even realize were possible.


We coach business owners and managers by giving them support, guidance, encouragement and accountability. Business coaching will benefit business owners from small businesses all the way through to large businesses. Help improve your marketing, sales, team building, management skills and much more.



Business Services


Superb quality business services are essential to the success of any business. Competition in the marketplace means that strategic business planning is vital to make any business thrive. Our company works to support your business with top notch strategic business planning. In addition to providing business planning, startups, and proposals, we also supply you with the tools and strategies you need to reach your desired growth goals. Whether you are an experienced business veteran or just beginning your dream of becoming a business owner, our high quality business services will equip you to meet and exceed all of your aspirations. The expertise we offer empowers business owners to clarify goals, breakdown the crucial steps that must be executed to meet those goals, and ultimately to have the support, tools, and resources to achieve the goals and experience new levels of success. 

Career Coaching


It is very important nowadays, as it can be a life saver which helps in guiding you to choose the right career path and field. At times we end up being captive to the rigid mid life crisis in a job that adds to the sabotage in our lives. Career coaching at such a juncture is beneficial to guide you through what you need, show you a direction and help you in identifying what professional makeover you need. It is a pain, if you are trapped in a wrong career which is why career coaching is very important to help you channelize your energy in right direction and to choose the right career.

Career Development 


Career development is something we take very seriously indeed. It’s no fun being in a job that you hate, or feeling stuck because you just can't find the career that's right for you. Let us help, with career development services that can help you find and get the career that you deserve.


From job searches, to preparing you for a tough interview, we are here to help you plan your next big move. We will help you recognise your skillset, and capitalise on the experience you can bring to a potential employer.


If you need any assistance in making your next big career move, this service is for you.



To help you maximise your potential, we offer a complete and comprehensive consulting service. Our specialists, highly trained and with years of experience, are able to offer an individual approach to your unique position.


Maybe you’re confused about which career decision is right for you. Or perhaps you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to stay in your current job. Whatever the dilemma or problem, our consultants will work hard to give you a solution that is perfectly matched to where you are right now.


We also find that many of our clients need life coaching too. With a focus on making sure that clients know where they need to be and how to get there, our life coach consultations deliver real results.


Business coaching is another key strand of our consultation offering. With practical approaches to strategic problems, our clients receive business coaching consulting that takes their work to a different level.


Each consultation is focused on your area of need, and will give you smart and efficient solutions, based on the problem, your unique skills and your exper



Corporate Development




Success in a business comes when a company can identify the opportunities as well as the obstacles. A company has to employ right strategies to ensure its resources are put to best use. Corporate development ensures that a company learns to be flexible to adapt to real time challenges and gets ahead in the competition. Corporate development gives brands leverage in the market to innovate, create great products and keep their  employees motivated to give in their best. Corporate development is a strategic necessity in a world where change is the only constant and you need to be always on your toe.

Social Media  Management 


From being a mere tool to connect with people to a platform to promote brands and increase awareness, social media has come a long way. Today, it is one of the most strategic tools at the disposal of the companies to connect to their customers and create relationships that get reflected in the sales figures. Thus social media management relates to posting interesting content, engaging customers and reaching out to target audience. It also includes tracking your success in social media and keeping abreast with the activities of your competitors so that you are always way ahead in the league.


It is the process which brings together international orientation and integration. It is a classic paradigm of collaboration of diverse country based views, ideas and products on the grounds of trading and mutual benefit. The definition of globalization is diverse, and according to finance body can relate to trade, capital, migration and knowledge draining. However, the layman concept of globalization lies in the fact that every important invention has now found a place in every country across the world which is an epitome of organized globalization. Everything that affects the world on a large scale mediates through the terminology which includes environmental factors, impact of socio-economic issues and tie ups for a symbiotic relation

Human Resource Services


Human Resources is one of the most crucial and important components of any company, businesses or brand. Tasked with overseeing the well-being of all employees, Human Resources departments — no matter how large or small — are responsible for a myriad of duties and roles, including the administration of payroll and benefits; aiding in the hiring and/or termination process of employees; ensuring a company remains in compliance with laws and regulations; helping employees with inter-office/company issues or tasks, and keeping abreast of the important state and federal tax laws which concern your business. Women’s Empowerment seeks to help your organization succeed by improving your Human Resources department and aiding in better functionality and efficiency of the everyday tasks of HR. We provide assistance in Human Resources departments to ensure your business, company or brand runs smoothly. Our goal is to better your business, starting with the most crucial aspect of its operations.

Life Coaching 


When you decide to pursue life coaching you are entering into a relationship between you and a life coach who will help you achieve your full potential. You can get help in a wide variety of different ways, providing you with focused goals and a new map leading you towards success in your life.In the same way, that professional athletes in every sport have a specialized coach, you would have your own professional coach, a life coach.  Throughout the world, business people, CEO’s, professional athletes, movie stars and just about any successful person you can name will have taken advantage of the services a life coach provides.A life coach can mentor and guide you towards taking your life, business or career to the next level! It’s important that you not only unlock your full potential but achieve the success in your endeavors that you never realized was even possible before!






Discovering the true potential in you can take some time, but if you can rely on someone to offer high quality professional mentoring, it certainly helps. We pride ourselves on delivering a truly exceptional mentoring service, which has helped many people improve themselves both professionally and personally.


From creating tomorrow’s business leaders, to ensuring that you stay motivated and confident in tough and challenging times, let our mentors add that extra level of support and guidance that makes your career, and life, exceptional. In other words, this is world class mentoring that gets the kind of results that true high-fliers need.





Personal Development 


Personal development is all about personal growth and self improvement through better self understanding and developing qualities through acquisition of knowledge and awareness. It includes goal setting and building better personality by attaining skills and a yearning for talent. Personal development enables a person to manage personal finances, make decent decisions, deliver valuable speeches and think more innovatively. It aims an overall development in the approach of an individual on how he/she faces the world. It involves many activities such as identifying our weaknesses and strengths, getting more aware of our decisions and developing a sound lifestyle. Today, you can learn more about various strategies of personal development through a set of courses that are practiced and guided by mentors and helps in knowing ourselves better.





Professional Development 


Most businesses and companies today have the opportunity to build better work forces and encourage hard-working employees to advance their skills with professional development training. The benefits of development training are numerous, and can result in higher, inter-office moral amongst employees and an improved skill-set for employers, business owners and those tasked with running companies day-to-day. But most Professional Development training can leave employees out of the loop, or target only a portion of the workplace. Our Professional Development training is different, because it’s perfect for everyone!

If you’re looking to improve or build upon your knowledge, experience and expertise in your field, do it through professional development. Our Professional Training courses are carefully crafted for every type of professional: from coaches and managers, to business owners and employees. Uniquely designed for every individual, our courses are perfect for those seeking to increase the capabilities of their professional roles. Professional Development training is beneficial for every workspace, as it encourages, builds upon and maintains a higher moral for staff, allows employers to better run their business, and attracts the right personnel to your company. Employees, business owners and everyone alike can benefit from our Professional Development training courses, and companies are sure to see the positive results.

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